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Transport companies reach settlement amidst trade secret disputes

Companies in Florida and elsewhere may be highly protective of business secrets, especially with a substantial level of competition in many fields of employment. Should an employee leave to work for a competitor, the previous employer could have concerns about the transference of information. Trade secret disputes can be complex matters that are hotly contested, some of which result in lawsuits against former employees.

Roehl Transport recently filed a lawsuit after two former workers left the company to work for a competitor. It claims that shortly before leaving, both employees forwarded company emails to their own accounts, which they say contained sensitive information pertaining to drivers and customers. It asserts that shortly after doing so, both men began working for Omni Specialized LLC.

Staffing company accused of disability discrimination in Florida

Many companies place a great deal of importance in fairness and equality when hiring new employees. Unfairly and unjustly denying employment to an individual due to a disability is against the law, but unfortunately, those who use an external staffing service may have little say in the process. A staffing service in Florida has recently reached a settlement following a lawsuit alleging disability discrimination.

According to reports, the lawsuit was filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The charge filed against the staffing company was in relation to pre-employment offer health inquiries which were in violation of federal laws. The settlement agreed upon will provide compensation to those affected in the process, and will also ensure that others are not subjected to such unlawful acts in the future.

The secret to protecting your trade secrets

In business, it is sometimes important to keep certain information private. Companies have trade secrets, and they go to every extent possible to ensure that the proprietary information that differentiates their company remains safe and secure. You may not own and operate a huge, multi-million dollar company, but you still may have the need to protect certain information.

Your trade secrets could be a crucial component to your success. This means that you want to do everything in your power to ensure the necessary legal protections are in place to keep your Florida business operating without fear of legal or financial complications. Additionally, you have the right to take legal action in the event that a company infringes upon your trade secrets.

Noncompete disputes: Chef out of job amidst fierce lawsuit

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere may seek to further their careers by pursuing new endeavors with other companies. Unfortunately, it isn't always as simple as handing in a resignation, perhaps especially if the new employer operates within a similar field. Some businesses require employees to sign a contract that prohibits them from taking similar actions, and should this person attempt to work for a competitor, noncompete disputes may follow.

A recent dispute has arisen between two restaurants over a chef that is reportedly a rising star in his field. The man had previously left an acclaimed restaurant to join another venture named Harvey. However, after two years, the new restaurant was yet to open its doors, and he left to join Sessanta, which apparently resulted in a lawsuit.

Contract disputes: Marketing company sues Yahoo Inc.

When companies in Florida and elsewhere enter into business relationships with others, the contract stating the terms of the agreement can be exceedingly complex. Should the partnership come to an abrupt end, either or both sides may seek to regain invested interests, which could lead to heated contract disputes. Such matters can be highly-contested topics that require a close examination of the contract, potentially prompting a need for assistance in navigating the process.

A contract dispute between SCA Promotions and Yahoo Inc. recently resulted in a $4.4 million judgment in favor of SCA. The two companies entered an agreement in relation to an NCAA basketball tournament bracket contest, in which they were to provide a $1 billion prize to anyone who could pick the correct winner of every single game. However, another company decided to promote a similar contest with the same reward, and Yahoo apparently decided to end its agreement with SCA to join the other company.

Partnership disputes: Battle over ownership of Snopes rages on

When business interests exchange hands, companies in Florida and elsewhere may go through periods of fluctuation that could accompany a battle for ownership. Partnership disputes can be highly contestable topics that may require an acute attention to detail. With the inherent complexity of similar matters, those facing such disputes could benefit from seeking guidance from an experienced attorney in the initial stages of the process.

A recent legal battle has sparked over the ownership of Snopes, which is a popular media outlet known for its myth-busting publications. Its parent company, Bardav, Inc., previously contracted Proper Media to assist with advertising. After the owner of Bardav went through a divorce, his former spouse apparently sold her business interests to Proper Media, who is now claiming to have equal ownership of the media outlet.

Moving to a rival company can lead to non-compete disputes

Many individuals have reached a point where they feel a change in employment is necessary. For some, this could be as simple as putting in an application for a new job, and turning in a notice at the previous one. However, certain professions require individuals in Florida and elsewhere to sign a contract, and if he or she attempts to work for a rival company within a given period, intense non\-compete disputes may arise.

A former chief information officer at IBM recently decided to take his talents to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is apparently a rival company in the technological area. Claiming a breach of contract occurred, IBM filed a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent the man from transitioning into his new position. The company asserts that he is privy to certain trade secrets, and filed the claim to protect them from being provided to a rival.

Protecting your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Life is uncertain, and there are times that you may find you are unable to work while dealing with a medical condition or that of a loved one. Having a baby, dealing with a serious illness or taking care of a family member with a critical medical condition can all affect your ability to work for a period, but these issues should not compromise your right to retain your job.

The Family and Medical Leave Act is legislation that protects the interests of all workers. This act provides employees, including those in Florida, with the ability to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to address a physical condition, recover after the birth of a child or provide care to a loved one. Violations of your rights per the FMLA could be grounds for legal action.

Age discrimination may still be a serious employment law concern

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere consider employment to be an essential part of daily life. Should a person have trouble obtaining or retaining employment, he or she may suffer financial hardships that can be challenging to overcome. While in some cases, a person might not be qualified for a position, in others, discrimination could be a contributing factor, which is a serious issue, albeit one that might be difficult to prove.

According to reports, this year marks the 50th for the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This law was enacted to protect those over a certain age from discrimination in many workplace settings. However, a meeting among experts during this occasion suggests that age discrimination may still be a significant issue for many, despite laws in place to protect them.

Seeking guidance during complex contract disputes in Florida

Many companies in Florida and across the nation have entered into a business relationship with another party at some point. When this occurs, each side may sign a contract that dictates the agreed upon terms of service. Should either party feel as though the other doesn't hold up its end of the agreement, litigation may ensue. Contract disputes can often be highly contested issues.

Enterprise Products Partners recently appealed a judgment over an alleged contract dispute, and it was reportedly overturned. Energy Transfer Partners was formerly awarded over $500 million after claiming Enterprise had backed out of an agreement concerning a pipeline. Had the decision not been reversed, the amount could would have surpassed $600 million after interest.

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