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Spectrum Dynamics files theft of trade secrets lawsuit

Medical companies in Florida and across the nation are constantly attempting to make advancements in patient care by developing cutting-edge products. Should a company feel that another party is seeking to gain an unfair advantage by stealing sensitive product information, it may wish to protect its interests by any means necessary. Spectrum Dynamics has recently filed a lawsuit against GE Healthcare, accusing the company of theft of trade secrets.

According to reports, the incident pertains to sensitive information regarding nuclear medical imaging technology developed by Spectrum Dynamics. Spectrum says this technology could improve patient care substantially while also having the potential to reduce expenses for hospitals and medical facilities. The company asserts that that the technology is cutting edge and claims that a competitor is seeking to gain an unfair advantage by misappropriating sensitive information.

Franchisees file breach of contract suit against Jack in the Box

Periods of financial unrest and differences of opinion over long-term goals can place a significant amount of stress on company owners and franchise groups in Florida and elsewhere. Similar concerns can lead to complex disputes that could leave all parties involved preparing to protect their interests through litigation. A franchise group has recently filed a lawsuit against fast food chain Jack in the Box, accusing the company of breach of contract.

According to reports, the lawsuit stems from complaints concerning the uncertain future of the Jack in the Box brand. The franchise group has accused the fast food chain of making changes during a refranchising effort that led to a substantial drop in sales. The group also claims that Jack in the Box has failed to provide the promised restitution for renovation costs associated with faulty building designs.

Is a business competitor participating in unfair competition?

Working as a Florida business owner means that you have to attend to a great number of responsibilities. You also have to do your best to find ways to get your business ahead in a competitive industry. This task is no easy feat, and in some cases, you may face unscrupulous behaviors from competitors that make it even more difficult.

Some parties looking to make their brands more popular and successful or trying to simply undermine your business success may carry out actions that fall into the category of unfair competition. Unfair competition can involve deceptive trade practices and other actions that work toward causing your company's revenue to suffer.

8 accuse Saks Fifth Avenue of race, age discrimination

There are many individuals in Florida and elsewhere who are constantly seeking out ways to advance their career opportunities. Some employees may face a variety of challenges throughout the process, and unfortunately, some of these challenges may appear unlawful and unjust. As many as eight individuals have recently filed a lawsuit against luxury department chain Saks Fifth Avenue, accusing the company of discrimination.

The lawsuit reportedly stems from allegations of age and race discrimination at the company. Some of those involved in the lawsuit claim they have worked for the company for up to eight years and have been subjected to unfair treatment that has left them with little opportunity at advancement. Some workers also assert that they were purposefully placed in low-traffic areas and were thus given less opportunity to shine.

Software company files breach of contract lawsuit against county

With the ever-advancing nature of technology, companies in Florida and elsewhere may experience the need to upgrade their operating systems from time to time. When a company chooses to enlist the services of another party to assist with upgrades, any disagreements concerning payments for services rendered could leave all parties involved engaged in contract disputes. A software company has recently filed a lawsuit, accusing a county in another state of breach of contract.

According to reports, the incident began when the county reached out to Spartan Tec and provided the software company with a detailed list of requested products. The company claims that it performed a variety of services for the county over recent months. However, it asserts that the county has failed to provide payment for services rendered.

Pabst Brewing Company and MillerCoors engage in contract disputes

Some businesses in Florida and across the nation may rely on other companies to manufacture their products. This arrangement could play a significant role in a company's success, and should the other party choose to end the arrangement and stop providing similar services, intense contract disputes may ensue. Pabst Brewing Company has filed a lawsuit accusing MillerCoors of attempting to put the company out of business under similar circumstances.

According to reports, the two companies have had a longstanding partnership in which MillerCoors provided Pabst Brewing with a variety of services. Pabst claims that the other party is responsible for manufacturing, packaging and shipping most of its products. However, the company says it was recently informed that MillerCoors would no longer be providing these services.

Former head basketball coach accuses school of breach of contract

Upon being fired from their jobs, many individuals in Florida and elsewhere may be left in search of answers for the unexpected termination. Should one feel as though the act was unwarranted, a person may wish to know more about the available options to protect his or her legal rights. After losing his position as head basketball coach, a man in another state has accused the school of breach of contract.

According to reports, the man has held the position as head girls basketball coach at the school for the past nine years. The coach states that he has led the team to eight straight state championship titles. Despite this success, the school recently fired him from his position as head coach, and he claims the school informed him that the decision stemmed from a request letter allegedly signed by various members of faculty.

Dick's Sporting Goods accused of breach of contract

Over time, business owners in Florida and elsewhere may deem it necessary to make adjustments to product availability and company inventory. This process might not always be so simple, as a company might have an obligation to uphold the terms of existing deals with product vendors. Battle Born Munitions has recently filed a lawsuit against Dick's Sporting Goods, accusing the company of breach of contract and fraud.

The munitions company initially entered an agreement to provide the sporting goods store with a variety of types and amounts of store-branded ammunition. However, after signing an agreement, Battle Born asserts that the other party decided to halt the sale of certain products, and thus informed the company that it would not accept upcoming deliveries. The company claims it was forced to keep these products in a warehouse due to the store-specific branding.

Breach of contract lawsuit filed over flaws in project designs

Any flaws within the blueprints and designs of a construction project can cause unexpected delays that may prove costly for all parties involved. In some cases, these delays may also cause the business relationship between contractors and developers in Florida to sour, which may in turn prompt intense disputes over financial responsibilities. A contractor in another state has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the owners of a facility after claiming flaws in project designs caused project expenses to skyrocket.

The lawsuit reportedly stems from disputes concerning a $2.2 billion project to build a transit center. According to the contractor, construction for the center has already been underway for as many as 10 years and flaws within the project's designs have led to substantial delays. The contractor says that it has been forced to file over 1,600 requests to rectify errors in project designs and the company is reportedly seeking to recover $150 million in restitution for project expenses caused by these delays.

Preventing the theft of your trade secrets

For you to be successful in your Florida business, your product has to be unique. Customers will be less likely to overlook you for a cheaper model if you offer something no one else has.

However, your unique product or service likely involves a secret component, ingredient or process that you are very proud of. If your competitor learned your secret, your product would no longer have its unique quality. In order to prevent this, you have to protect your trade secrets.

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