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Crossfit accuses Reebok of breach of contract

When two or more companies in Florida or elsewhere enter into a long-term business arrangement, they may wish to set clear terms concerning how profits will be shared before signing a contract. Should either party attempt to change the terms of such an agreement without informing its partners, complex contract disputes may ensue. Crossfit Inc. has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Reebok accusing the company of breach of contract.

According to reports, the two companies entered into a 10-year business partnership in 2010. In the arrangement, Crossfit agreed to give Reebok exclusive rights to sell its products in exchange for royalties on net sales of the associated merchandise. However, several years into the partnership, Crossift claims it discovered that Reebok had altered the way that it calculated these royalties without informing the company.

Noncompete agreement: Walmart files lawsuit against former worker

For many individuals in Florida and elsewhere, there may come a point in life where a change of employment may be necessary. However, as the levels of competition in certain fields are continually on the rise, the process of leaving a company to work for a competitor might lead to conflict and disputes. Walmart is reportedly seeking to block a former tax executive from leaving to work for Amazon, claiming that the decision is in violation of her noncompete agreement.

According to reports, the former tax executive informed Walmart that she was considering resigning from her position at the company. However, the company asserts that she failed to inform it of her intent to take a job with the rival company Amazon. The company claims that during her tenure, she was given access to sensitive information and company strategies.

Netflix accuses media company of breach of contract

There are numerous companies that provide customers in Florida and elsewhere with the ability to stream television shows and movies on a variety of devices. Prior to making a title available to consumers, a company might seek to purchase the rights to stream the title exclusively. The popular streaming company Netflix has accused a media company of breach of contract after several exclusive titles were made available through other outlets.

According to reports, Netflix originally reached an agreement with the media company Relativity for exclusive streaming rights for several movies. However, Netflix asserts that these movies were eventually made available through competing streaming services. Relativity asserts that it began to experience monetary issues and lost the rights to several movies through foreclosure.

Critical first steps when your company gets sued

You published a comprehensive employee handbook, held regular training meetings and drafted a solid customer contract. Nevertheless, you are facing what any business owner dreads: a lawsuit. Whether the person who filed the complaint is a partner, client or employee, you have a lot to deal with and a lot at stake.

When a business faces a lawsuit, the outcome can affect more than the bottom line. Your Florida company's reputation is also in peril, so the way you handle the process is critical. This is why your choice of legal counsel is important. A skillful and thorough attorney can offer creative options for an effective resolution to your case.

Construction company and hotel owners engage in contract disputes

In certain fields of work, such as construction, there are a multitude of scenarios in which a project may experience delays in completion. When forming a contract for a new construction project, companies in Florida and elsewhere generally agree to terms on how to handle such delays, as failing to do so can lead to intense contract disputes. A construction company in another state has filed a lawsuit against the owners of a hotel, claiming it is owed nearly $2 million.

After entering into a contract to build the hotel, the company claims that construction was delayed for nearly six months due to issues obtaining the building permit. It also asserts that disputes between the architect and the owners of the hotel caused further delays. The company says that the owners were aware of the reasons behind these delays and agreed to provide it with the necessary compensation.

Things to look out for prior to signing a noncompete agreement

Upon accepting an offer for employment, individuals in Florida and elsewhere may be asked to place their signatures on a variety documents before staring their new jobs. Regardless of the nature of the job they apply for, one of these documents could be a noncompete agreement that could prevent them from leaving to work for a competitor for a set period of time. Since these documents can be complex and subject to interpretation, gaining a clear understanding of the terms within prior to signing may be advisable.

Noncompete agreements may disrupt a person's ability to seek out employment within a competitive field for a certain period of time. This period could range anywhere from several months to as many as three years. While the time frame may change depending on the nature of the position sought, a person may find it advisable to ensure the terms of this arrangement are reasonable prior to signing the agreement.

Fidelity sues former broker for theft of trade secrets

Investment firms in Florida and elsewhere may provide services to a multitude of individuals on a daily basis. These companies generally place a great deal of importance on protecting the information of their clients, and they may choose to pursue legal recourse should they feel as though another party has misused proprietary information. Fidelity has filed a lawsuit against a former employee's investment firm after claiming that he stole valuable trade secrets upon leaving the company.

According to reports, the man formerly held a position as a broker with Fidelity. While there, he reportedly had access to the information of a multitude of accounts that represented more than $450 million in client assets. Following his resignation, Fidelity claims he took confidential client information with him and started his own investment advisory firm.

Lawsuit filed against restaurant chain accused of discrimination

Many businesses in Florida and elsewhere place a high priority on how customers view their products and services. Unfortunately in some cases, a company's desire to build a specific image could cause some to experience unfair treatment. A nationwide restaurant chain has reportedly reached a settlement in a recent discrimination lawsuit after numerous individuals claimed they were denied a chance at employment solely based on their age.

Although the chain reportedly consists of a variety of restaurants across the nation, the lawsuit was reportedly filed in relation to the Florida-based restaurant Seasons 52. Numerous individuals assert that the company turned down their applications for employment based on their age. Some even claim to have received responses from managers stating that the restaurant would only consider hiring younger individuals, regardless of the nature of the position sought.

Google files breach of contract lawsuit against former engineer

Changing jobs can be a stressful and intimidating process, but in some cases, it can also be a necessary decision. However, when individuals in Florida decide to accept employment with another company, taking care with how the process is handled could be essential to preventing disputes, especially if one's new employer operates within a similar field. Google has reportedly filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a former engineer, accusing him of attempting to recruit other employees upon accepting a position with Uber.

According to Google, the man was formerly a lead engineer working on self-driving technology for the company's autonomous vehicle unit, Waymo. At some point, the man reportedly decided to leave Waymo to form the rival company Otto. Shortly after Uber agreed to purchase Otto, Waymo filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that the engineer had misappropriated sensitive trade secrets.

Have zoning changes hindered your business?

As a business owner, you have undoubtedly dealt with your share of bureaucratic red tape. In fact, it may seem as if the state of Florida and its local governments exist to make life difficult. A prime example of this is zoning laws. Most people do not realize that zoning is what keeps governments from building prisons next to elementary schools.

Zoning allows developers to provide clean and comfortable neighborhoods without concern that some industries will move in and disrupt the peaceful way of life. They also protect the environment by regulating how you and other business owners can use the land. However, zoning laws do not always benefit you and your business, and you may find yourself challenging these laws to keep your business profitable.

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