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Nike facing lawsuit following claims of workplace discrimination

Many companies in Florida and across the nation consider it vital to promote equality among employees and keep hostility out of the workplace. Those who are subjected to harmful workplace environments could suffer in a variety of ways, and similar concerns may even pose a threat to company operations. Several women have recently filed a discrimination lawsuit against Nike, claiming that female employees at the company are being subjected to unfair treatment.

According to the lawsuit, the women claim that the company treats female employees differently than males in a variety of ways. They assert that male employees are paid higher wages on average and that they are given a much better chance of receiving bonuses or promotions. They have also accused Nike of creating a hostile work environment by failing to follow up on claims of harassment and discrimination within the company.

Company accuses 2 of violating their noncompete agreements

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere may constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to advance their careers. In some cases, such a pursuit could prompt a need to seek work with a different employer, and if this company operates within a similar field, noncompete disputes may arise. A veterinary services firm in another state has reportedly accused two former employees of violating their noncompete agreements and stealing proprietary information upon leaving the company to work for a competitor.

According to reports, Idexx Laboratories has filed a lawsuit against the two former employees and the rival company Vets First Choice. In the lawsuit, the company claims that upon tendering their resignations, the two accepted a position with the rival business. In addition to violating the terms of their noncompete agreements, the company also asserts that they also took proprietary information and training materials with them in the process.

Zest Labs accuses Walmart of theft of trade secrets

The ideas and innovations that drive a company can play an integral role in its success. Many companies in Florida seek to protect such sensitive information at all costs, and if a company feels as though another party has gained access to valuable trade secrets unlawfully, it may wish to pursue restitution through litigation. Zest Labs has recently filed a lawsuit against Walmart, accusing the retail giant of stealing sensitive trade secrets.

According to reports, Zest Labs had spent several years providing the retailer with ways to keep fruits and vegetables preserved and fresh and cut down on waste. Walmart eventually ended the arrangement and released information about its own developments in waste prevention technology. However, Zest Labs claims this technology is similar to its own, and it has accused Walmart of using years of access to sensitive information to steal valuable trade secrets.

Fulltime accuses CBS Interactive of breach of contract

When a company in Florida begins to experience periods of financial difficulty, it could decide to pursue relief by entering a business relationship with another party. Should a company feel the other party failed to uphold the terms set forth in their agreement, it may wish to take steps to protect its business interests. Fulltime Fantasy Sports has recently filed a lawsuit against CBS Interactive, accusing the company of breach of contract.

Fulltime and CBS Interactive initially entered into a business arrangement after CBS purchased most of the assets for Scout Media after the company filed for bankruptcy. Since Fulltime operates under the Scout Fantasy brand, the company says it entered a deal with CBS to promote its services. In this deal, the company claims it was entitled to a certain portion of revenue from subscriptions and advertising.

Understanding why your partnership may be in trouble

When you and your business partner started out, you may have been in complete harmony with one another. You seemed to have similar ideas at the same time and perhaps even finished each other's sentences. Even when your suggestions were dissimilar, you were both focused on taking the business in the same direction, and you complemented each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Where did those days go? All of the advantages of taking on a partner – including sharing the risks and expenses – have now become fodder for the deepest division between you. The trust is broken, and the reputation and future of the business is on the line. As your partnership dispute reaches the point where litigation seems to be the only way to resolve it, you may be wondering what went wrong in the first place. It may help you to understand some of the common follies of partnerships.

Uber falls under investigation for gender discrimination

The industry of technology is constantly growing, and the level of competition among individuals in Florida and elsewhere who are seeking employment in this area can be significant. While some level of competition can be healthy, in some cases, it could also lead to allegations unjust treatment should a person be unfairly denied an opportunity to advance his or her career. Uber has recently become the subject of an investigation for gender discrimination after allegations surfaced claiming unfair levels of compensation.

According to reports, the investigation began after allegations surfaced accusing the company of providing male employees with higher pay rates. These allegations concern an alleged discrepancy between male and female employees that perform the same job duties. If the investigation deems the company culpable of such treatment, it could be facing significant monetary fines.

Noncompete agreements: No-poach clauses may limit opportunities

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere have reached a point in life where a change in employment is necessary. However, in some cases, a person's ability to obtain employment within a similar field may be restricted by the contract he or she signed with the current employer. Noncompete agreements can impact individuals within a variety of fields, and in some cases, a person might even be unaware of the presence of such an agreement.

Upon accepting a position within a company, a person might be asked to sign a noncompete agreement that could prevent him or her from leaving to work for a competitor for a given period of time. However, a recent study found that several fast food chains have implemented agreements that provide similar restrictions in the form of no-poach clauses. Those who enter such an arrangement agree to avoid offering positions to employees of rival chains.

Dispatch center accuses software company of breach of contract

When a company in Florida decides to make upgrades to daily operations, it may enter negotiations with numerous businesses before making a decision. Upon entering an agreement with another party, a company may expect to receive a quality product, and if the other party fails to deliver, litigation may follow. A fire dispatch center has recently filed a lawsuit against a software company, accusing it of breach of contract and fraud.

According to reports, the incident began when the dispatch center made the decision to upgrade the software in its computers. After the bidding process was completed, the company entered into a contract with the software company Tyler Technologies. However, upon receiving the new software from the company, the center claims that the product failed to work.

Partnerships do not always go as smoothly as hoped

Going into business with a partner may have felt like a wise decision at the time of your company's creation. Certainly, partnerships can offer a great number of benefits to individuals wanting to collectively move forward with a business venture. Of course, what may start out as a seemingly smooth arrangement could face issues over time.

Partnership disputes are not uncommon. In some cases, individuals may disagree on certain points but come to agreements soon enough. However, you may face more serious issues with your partner or partners that do not get resolved so easily. As a result, you, like many other business owners, may end up facing litigation.

1 awarded substantial sum in discrimination lawsuit against town

There are many small communities in Florida and elsewhere that have developed long-standing business relationships with certain companies. While changes in ownership could lead a community to feel it necessary to re-evaluate previous arrangements, denying a company business for unjust reasons is never advisable. A man in another state has been awarded $260,000 in a recent discrimination lawsuit after a community stopped using the services of a towing company based on the new owner's ethnicity.

According to reports, the small town had a long-standing relationship with the towing company, dating back decades. However, after the man bought the company from its previous owners, he claims the town refused to do business with him. According to the lawsuit, leaders in the community stopped enlisting the services of the company based on the new owner's Middle Eastern background.

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