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Being prepared to handle allegations of discrimination at work

There are a variety of scenarios in which allegations of unfair treatment may arise in a workplace setting. Discrimination continues to be a hotly-contested topic that can affect the futures of both employees and employers alike. Upon encountering allegations of workplace discrimination, individuals in Florida may find that knowing how best to handle the situation could play an integral role in seeking an acceptable outcome.

For employees who feel they have been subjected to workplace discrimination, experts suggest that taking detailed notes of the situation and asking for witness statements could prove vital. Seeking out information on how to file a report of the incident through the necessary channels could also be essential. In addition, a person may also benefit from gaining insight into the available options to help protect his or her legal rights and interests.

Contract disputes stem from end of exclusive business arrangement

There may be a multitude of companies in Florida and elsewhere who have entered into an agreement to be the exclusive provider of another entity's products and services. While such an arrangement may have the potential to prove fruitful for both parties, it could also run the risk of leading to intense levels of conflict should the exclusive part of the deal suddenly cease to exist. A building supplies company in another state has engaged in contract disputes with a supplier after claiming the company violated the terms of an exclusive distributing agreement.

According to reports, Hallmark Building Supplies says it entered into an arrangement to be the sole provider of of decking supplies manufactured by the company MoistureShield in 2017. Hallmark says it placed a substantial inventory soon thereafter, even agreeing to take on left over supplies from a previous distributor in the process. Several months later, the company claims it learned that MoistureShield was taking steps to sell its products through other outlets.

Do you have reason to challenge a non-compete agreement?

When you first started your job, you may have not thought twice about signing a non-compete agreement. You may have thought that you would stay at the same company for the duration of your career, or you may not have even fully understood what you signed. Nonetheless, signing that contract may be coming back to haunt you.

You now have a new employment prospect lined up, but your current employer may have indicated that you cannot work for the competing company because of the agreement. Understandably, you may have concerns about how this agreement might hinder your job prospects.

Legacy Fighting Alliance files breach of contract lawsuit

The sudden termination of a business arrangement can have a substantial impact on each of the parties involved. Companies in Florida that experience a similar scenario could suffer a variety of potential consequences, such as damages to reputation and loss of financial opportunities. Legacy Fighting Alliance has filed a lawsuit against Anthem Sports and AXS TV after claiming a breach of contract cost the company to suffer significant financial loss.

According to reports, Legacy entered into a business arrangement with AXS TV in which the company agreed to air numerous mixed marital arts competitions throughout 2019. However, Legacy asserts that at some point during the year, AXS TV and Anthem Sports decided to stop broadcasting the promotions. The company asserts that there were nine more events scheduled under the contract when it was removed from the broadcasting schedule.

Hershey accuses former executive of theft of trade secrets

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere may require new employees to sign a variety of agreements upon offering them a position of employment. These agreements may provide certain protections to both the employer and employee alike and there can be consequences to failing to uphold the terms of such arrangements. The Hershey Company has recently filed a lawsuit against a former executive accusing him of theft of trade secrets and violating the terms of his contract.

Hershey asserts that the company hired the man to act as president of one of its healthy snack divisions. The company states that upon accepting the position, he signed a contract stating that he would be required to pay back any sign-on bonuses should he resign from his position within two years. Before this period came to a close, Hershey asserts the man left the company to work for one of its competitors.

Knowing the options when facing partnership disputes

The presence of conflict in a business relationship could create a rift between the parties involved and there may be a variety of potential consequences to such a situation. Individuals in Florida who engage in disputes with a business associate may have several options to consider as they prepare to seek an acceptable resolution. Understanding the options to help resolve partnership disputes and the potential benefits of each in turn could prove vital to forming a strategy to the next stages of the process.

One option for resolving partnership disputes involves a process known as mediation. With this process, the parties involved will meet will an impartial mediator to discuss the dispute and attempt to work toward a resolution through negotiation. Another option is arbitration, in which a neutral third party will act as an arbitrator. The arbitrator will hear arguments from each party involved and make the final decision about how to resolve the matter.

Recent studies suggest age discrimination remains an issue

Maintaining a healthy workplace environment free of unfair and unjust treatment is a goal for both employers and employees in Florida and across the nation. Unfortunately, allegations of workplace discrimination continue to be a major concern and the outcome of an investigation into similar claims can have a substantial impact on all parties involved. Although such treatment can come in a variety of forms, recent reports indicate that one of the most common forms of unjust behavior at work involves age discrimination.

Recent reports indicate that two of the main factors that could contribute to allegations of age discrimination in the workplace may involved concerns over a worker's physical and technological abilities. According to the AARP, recent investigations suggest that many workers over the age of 50 continue to be subjected to such treatment. These reports suggest that such treatment can not only leave older workers feeling discouraged but it may also disrupt any chances they have at career advancement.

Has defamation put your company's reputation at risk?

When you first started your Florida business, you wanted it to become a success. You knew that you would have to gain the trust of investors, employees, clients and customers in order to reach that success. Fortunately, over the years, you have been able to ensure that your company has a standup reputation and an image that people can trust.

Because a company's reputation can make or break it, you do what you can to make sure that nothing unseemly takes place within your company and that you handle any issues promptly and effectively. However, the competition can sometimes be unscrupulous, and another company may have attempted to tarnish your company's good reputation.

Gym owner files breach of contract claim against former coach

Business contracts can include terms that cover a multitude of factors, some of which could be intended to provide protection against actions that could otherwise prove harmful to a company. When individuals in Florida feel that the actions of another party violated the terms of such an agreement, they could choose to take every possible measure to protect their interests. The owner of a gymnastics facility in another state has recently filed a lawsuit accusing a former coach of breach of contract.

According to reports, the owner of the gym filed a lawsuit against the former coach after claiming to have learned he took steps to open his own facility while still employed at the gym. The owner claims to have received information indicating the man used gym contacts to find and purchase equipment for the new facility. The owner also says he attempted to harm the company by cancelling practice sessions and sending out emails trying to get clients to break their contracts with the facility.

Restaurant closes amid noncompete agreement disputes

A business contract between two or more parties in Florida and across the nation could include terms that cover a multitude of factors and scenarios. Due to the complex nature of similar types of arrangements, any disputes that stem from such contracts can be highly debatable matters. A restaurant owner in another state says she was recently forced to close down her business after being accused of violating a noncompete agreement.

The woman says she had recently taken over operations of a restaurant formerly known as Amighetti's and had changed the name to Colino's Cafe and Bakery. According to reports, the person who owns the rights to Amighetti's recipes and brand recently filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, accusing the owner of being in violation of a noncompete agreement. The man asserts that the woman and her husband had both worked for Amighetti's, and states that some of the changes that were made did not align with Amighetti's brand.

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