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Noncompete disputes: 2 file lawsuit against restaurant owner

Upon hiring new employees, companies in Florida and elsewhere might seek to protect their business interests by requiring them to sign a noncompete agreement. Companies may use these agreements to prevent employees from obtaining employment with a competitor for a set period after resigning from their position. However, should a business close down, there could be some level of debate as to whether the agreement is enforceable, and noncompete disputes that take place under similar circumstances can be complex.

A general manager and a chef have both filed a lawsuit against the owner of a restaurant in relation to the sudden closure of the business. According to the lawsuit, the owner recently closed the establishment for unknown reasons, and allegedly failed to provide any form of severance to the men. In addition, both claim they are unable to obtain employment at another restaurant due to noncompete agreements they signed upon being hired on at the restaurant.

Trade secret disputes: NuCurrent files lawsuit against Samsung

For startup companies in Florida and elsewhere, entering a business relationship with a major corporation can be an exciting prospect. Prior to sharing trade secrets with a larger entity, smaller businesses may find it beneficial to protect their business interests and prevent trade secret disputes by ensuring a contract is signed. A wireless power company named NuCurrent has recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the company of stealing proprietary wireless phone charging technology and using it in certain products.

According to the lawsuit, Samsung became interested in this technology in 2015 and requested that NuCurrent put together a presentation. The company states that it not only provided Samsung with a detailed overview of the product, but also provided two samples for testing purposes. NuCurrent states that it also allowed engineers from Samsung to have access to these samples and their designs.

Lawsuit filed following claims of sex discrimination against 2

Being treated unfairly at work solely based on one's sex is a situation that no individual in Florida should ever have to experience. Unfortunately, similar incidents are far too common, and discrimination of this nature can be exceedingly harmful. A lawsuit has recently been filed against a city in another state after two firefighters claimed they were subjected to years of unlawful treatment based on their sex.

According to reports, the two women began experiencing unjust treatment shortly after obtaining positions within the department. They assert that male co-workers would refuse to acknowledge their presence or associate with them. They also claim that after one of the women filed a complaint, other firefighters began harassing them and writing vulgar comments on the wall of their bathroom.

Do you have a case for defamation?

The Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech. However, that right only exists until it violates the rights of someone else. For instance, if someone makes statements that tarnish another person's reputation, it could be cause for civil litigation.

Making such statements either verbally (slander) or in writing (libel) that are published fall under the legal definition of "defamation." Of course, the court needs to weigh an individual's right to free speech against another individual's right to avoid defamatory statements. This makes lawsuits alleging defamation a challenge.

Partnership disputes could threaten the health of a business

For business owners, the idea of taking a company to greater heights by adding a partner can be an exciting concept. However, while a similar business decision could assist with the growth of a company, it may also come with its own challenges. Individuals in Florida and elsewhere who enter into such an arrangement might find it beneficial to know the issues they may face in the future, and how to handle partnership disputes should they arise.

Disagreements among business partners can arise under a multitude of circumstances. However, there are certain areas that might be more commonly debated in such agreements, such as those that pertain to finances and operations. In some cases, business partners may also disagree on certain aspects of ownership, and disputes concerning intellectual property can be intense.

Noncompete disputes: IBM files lawsuit against former executive

The technology industry is an ever-expanding field where companies are constantly thinking up ways to keep up with or stay ahead of rivals. Due to the competitive nature of this field, individuals in Florida may seek to hold the best position available at all times, which could lead to changes in employment from time to time. While such a change might not be all that uncommon and mostly uneventful, if the move is in violation of one's employee contract, noncompete disputes may arise.

IBM has reportedly filed a lawsuit against a former executive following her recent decision to accept a position with rival company Microsoft. According to IBM, the woman had worked for the company for as many as 20 years and was privy to proprietary information. IBM asserts that the act is in direct violation of her noncompete agreement and is seeking to bar her employment for the duration of the agreement.

Woman accuses former employer of disability discrimination

No individual should have to endure being subjected to unjust treatment in the workplace due to a medical disability. Although there are laws in place that protect individuals in Florida and elsewhere against such treatment, these incidents unfortunately continue to occur. A woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer, accusing the company of disability discrimination.

According to reports, the incident began when the woman was fired from her place of employment after she requested to take intermittent leave from work due to a medical condition. She requested the leave after she began to suffer a recurrence of symptoms of an inner ear disorder known as Meniere's disease. However, she asserts she was denied reasonable accommodation and was fired without a written statement providing a reason for her termination.

Noncompete disputes: MillerCoors alleges violation of contract

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere work hard on coming up with strategies that could give them an edge on the competition. When an employee who is privy to these plans pursues a job with an employer in a rival field, a company may seek to protect its business interests through litigation. This has been the source of many noncompete disputes over time. MillerCoors has recently filed a lawsuit against a former employee, accusing the man of violating the terms of his contract.

According to reports, the man was previously employed as a top strategist at MillerCoors, and had access to priority information. The company states the he resigned from his position and accepted a job as vice president at Constellation, which MillerCoors states is one of its top competitors. In doing so, the company asserts the man violated the terms of his noncompete agreement and is seeking to block the move for the duration listed in the arrangement.

The EEOC offers mediation of discrimination claims

If you have been the victim of discrimination in your workplace, you may hesitate to take legal action because you dread the thought of spending a significant amount of time in court. More than likely, other Florida discrimination victims would agree with you.

Fortunately, litigation may not be your only choice. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides the option of mediating your claim instead of going to court.

Seeking restitution when a breach of contract occurs in Florida

When two or more entities seek to form a business arrangement with one another, they will generally implement a contract stating the terms of the agreement. Should one party feel as though another has violated the terms of a contract, it may choose to seek restitution through business litigation. Since matters of this nature can be exceedingly intricate, business owners in Florida may be uncertain how to proceed should a breach of contract occur.

A breach of contract may occur when one party fails to uphold the terms of a business agreement. When disputes of this nature arise, the parties involved may seek to reach a resolution through negotiations. However, since business contracts can be complex documents that may be subject to interpretation, these matters can be highly contested, and should negotiations fail to produce results, litigation may ensue.

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