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Owner of catering company files theft of trade secrets claim

A company's trade secrets can come in a variety of forms and fashions and protecting this information could prove essential to safeguarding the future of the business. Business owners in Florida who feel that another party has stolen sensitive information may wish to know more about the steps to take to protect their interests. The owner of a catering company in another state has recently filed a lawsuit accusing a former employee of theft of trade secrets.

The owner of Ann'Z Gourmet Catering claims that one of her former employees accessed company social media accounts to steal sensitive trade secrets. The woman says this information included client contact details and a history of business transactions . She asserts that the other party used this information to help build her own catering company, Nosh Catering and Events LLC.

Bayer engages in trade secret disputes with former employee

Bayer CropScience has recently filed a lawsuit accusing a former employee of sharing proprietary company information with his new employer. Similar scenarios could leave companies in Florida and elsewhere involved in intense trade secret disputes. Those who face such disputes may wish to take steps to protect their business interests, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance on how best to achieve this goal.

Bayer asserts that while working as a scientist at the company, the former employee had access to sensitive information regarding commercial biopesticide products. The company states that it filed a patent application for these products in 2018. Sometime thereafter, Bayer says it was forced to terminate this man's employment and states that it learned later on that he had shared sensitive company information with his new employer Tenfold Technologies.

Bass Pro Shops files breach of contract lawsuit

It might not be uncommon for larger companies in Florida and elsewhere to allow another entity to provide services within their stores in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds. However, should this company claim that the other party has failed to provide the necessary compensation, both parties may end up engaged in intense legal disputes. Bass Pro Shops has recently filed a lawsuit accusing Bluegreen Vacations of breach of contract under similar circumstances.

The lawsuit reportedly stems from an arrangement in which Bass Pro agreed to allow Bluegreen to set up kiosks to sell timeshares in certain stores. The company states that in exchange, Bluegreen agreed to pay a certain percentage in commission on all of its sales. However, Bass Pro says that the other company has failed to provide it with the necessary compensation.

Zillow and Compass engage in noncompete, trade secret disputes

The level of competition between rival companies in Florida and elsewhere can be intense at times. While this aspect of business could be healthy under certain circumstances, there are a variety of scenarios in which conflict may arise. Real estate companies Zillow and Compass have recently engaged in noncompete and trade secret disputes after Zillow claimed that three former employees turned in their resignations and accepted positions with a competitor.

According to reports, Zillow claims that all three former employees violated their noncompete agreements upon accepting positions at Compass. In addition, the company asserts that these employees stole confidential company information prior to turning in their resignations. Zillow has since filed two lawsuits against Compass, accusing the company of attempting to poach employees and theft of trade secrets.

Breach of partnership means difficult decisions

When you and your partner joined forces in business, you may have had many hopeful plans for the future. The idea for the business may have germinated from a casual conversation with a friend about your mutual strengths and interests, or you may have sought out someone who could support your goals financially and creatively.

Perhaps you had the foresight to draft and sign a partnership agreement that provides options for a variety of situations facing your company. On the other hand, you may have shaken hands over an oral agreement. Awkward as it may have been to consider at the time, you can now refer to that agreement in light of theĀ difficulties you are experiencing with your partner.

Breach of contract lawsuit stems from early termination of deal

Upon entering a business arrangement with another party, companies in Florida and elsewhere may also wish to include terms defining the conditions in which the agreement may be terminated before the agreed-upon date in the contract. However, should a company feel that the other party ended the arrangement unlawfully, it may wish to pursue restitution through litigation. The American Bottling Company recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against BodyArmor Sports Nutrition after a 10-year deal was ended after only four years.

According to reports, ABC and BodyArmor entered into a 10-year business arrangement in 2015. However, ABC claims that the other company recently decided to end the arrangement after ABC's holding company entered a merger with another entity. ABC asserts that it played a significant role in bringing success to the BodyArmor brand, and the company claims that the unlawful end of the agreement could bring about substantial financial loss.

Timing as a concern in theft of trade secrets claims

When a company in Florida and elsewhere receive information about the possible theft of sensitive company secrets, it may wish to begin taking steps to protect its interests. While a company may wish to take time to investigate the matter thoroughly, timing may also be of the essence, as a lengthy delay in action could prove detrimental. A court recently ruled that an asphalt company in another state was time-barred from filing a theft of trade secrets claim against another party.

The incident reportedly stems from asphalt plant and equipment technology owned by CMI Roadbuilding, Inc. At some point, the company chose to stop making replacement parts for its equipment on its own, and instead decided to purchase these parts from other vendors. The company asserts that it provided these vendors with product blueprints and specifications.

Stillhouse accuses Bacardi of breach of contract and fraud

Entering a business arrangement with another party in Florida or elsewhere can be an exciting endeavor, but it may also come with a certain level of risk. Should either party fail to uphold its end of the arrangement, the fallout could have a detrimental impact on the future of the other company. Stillhouse, LLC, has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Bacardi Limited, accusing the company of attempting to achieve a lesser buy out costs through fraudulent means.

According to reports, Stillhouse asserts that it initially reached a business arrangement in which it would provide Bacardi with inside access to company operations. The company claims that in exchange for this access, Bacardi had agreed to eventually buy out the company at a competitive price and bring it in house. However, Stillhouse representatives claim that the other party was misleading about its intentions and instead sought to bring down the value of the company for personal gain.

Former employee accuses University of Oklahoma of discrimination

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere consider it vital to provide employees with a way to report unjust behavior. However, filing a complaint can still be an intimidating process, and should one feel that the incident prompts acts of retaliation, he or she might be uncertain how best to handle the situation. A former employee of the University of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against the school's board of regents accusing it of discrimination.

The incident reportedly began while the woman was working within the university's school of medicine. Over her nearly 15 years of employment at the university, she claims she was subjected to numerous forms of discrimination and asserts that she was constantly forced to operate in a hostile work environment. She says that this treatment caused her to develop mental health issues and states that after filing an official complaint, she was subjected to acts of retaliation.

Stanley Black and Decker files breach of contract lawsuit

In an attempt to overcome extended periods of financial strain, many companies in Florida and elsewhere may choose release a new line of products under a brand name that previously proved profitable. However, should the owner of this brand feel that this act is in violation of a previous arrangement, it may wish to protect its interests through litigation. Stanley Black and Decker has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Sears after accusing the company of trademark infringement.

According to reports, the incident began when Stanley Black and Decker purchased the rights to the Craftsman brand in 2017 after Sears began experiencing dire financial hardships. Following the purchase, the company reached an agreement to allow the other party to continue selling Craftsman products to customers. However, Stanley Black and Decker says that Sears recently began a campaign promoting a new line of Craftsman tools that could confuse customers.

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