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Non-compete disputes: AWS files claim against former executive

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Trade Secret And Non-Compete Disputes |

When an individual in Florida or elsewhere obtains employment at an innovative technology company, he or she may be required to sign a non-compete agreement. This type of agreement is often in place to prohibit a person from working for a rival company for a set period of time, and if broken, litigation may ensue. Non-compete disputes can be tough issues that often require detailed examination of the contract, potentially prompting a need for assistance in navigating the process.

A recent lawsuit has been filed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), after a former employee allegedly left and took a position with Smartsheet, which is apparently also a software company. They claim that this act was in violation of the non-compete agreement that he signed with the company, stating that he would be unable to work for a rival for as many as 18 months after vacating his current position. According to AWS, he held a high position and was privy to numerous developmental products before leaving.

A representative from Smartsheet reportedly raised concerns about whether Amazon was actually a rival company or more of a partner. He also states that the company took the proper precautions before hiring the man. In industries where competition is high, such agreements are often highly-debatable topics, as many businesses seek to keep secret projects to themselves.

Non-compete disputes are often complex issues that can have a major impact on a person and/or business. When facing a similar situation, it may be advisable to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney moving forward. An attorney in Florida can evaluate the dispute, as well as the contract, and assist a client in pursuing legal recourse through the necessary outlets.

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