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Seeking guidance during complex contract disputes in Florida

Many companies in Florida and across the nation have entered into a business relationship with another party at some point. When this occurs, each side may sign a contract that dictates the agreed upon terms of service. Should either party feel as though the other doesn't hold up its end of the agreement, litigation may ensue. Contract disputes can often be highly contested issues.

Former supervisor accuses Chobani of age discrimination

Companies in Florida and various parts of the country often place a great deal of importance on image. Although maintaining a positive image can be beneficial in numerous areas of business, if these attempts lead to discrimination of any kind, victims of such acts might choose to pursue legal recourse. A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer accusing the company of age discrimination.

Radioshack accuses Sprint of breach of contract

When a business relationship goes south, the fallout may often lead to heated disputes concerning contractual obligations. Businesses in Florida and across the country who choose to form a partnership with another company often attempt to form a contract that will protect their interests should issues arise, but these documents can often be complex. Radioshack has recently filed a lawsuit against Sprint, accusing the company of breach of contract, along with various additional allegations.

Lawsuit alleges noncompete breach and theft of trade secrets

What was once reported as a friendly departure from a business has turned into a contentious lawsuit between the company and a former partner, according to a recent news account. The public statement that the departure was friendly does not necessarily mean that all ran smoothly within the business. Nearly two-decades ago, a man started working for a well-established jewelry store on the Eastern seaboard. He worked his way up in the business and became Chief Operating Officer in 2007. At that time, the COO was given a one-quarter partnership in the company and signed a contract that included a noncompete agreement.

Complex business agreements can lead to intense contract disputes

A contract between two businesses in Florida or elsewhere is often a highly complex document that may be subject to interpretation should a dispute arise. Contract disputes are often highly contested topics, especially if one party has sustained significant financial losses in the process. A radio streaming platform has recently filed a claim against Pandora for breach of contract following allegations of failed advertisement sales goals.

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