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Radioshack accuses Sprint of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2017 | Contract Disputes |

When a business relationship goes south, the fallout may often lead to heated disputes concerning contractual obligations. Businesses in Florida and across the country who choose to form a partnership with another company often attempt to form a contract that will protect their interests should issues arise, but these documents can often be complex. Radioshack has recently filed a lawsuit against Sprint, accusing the company of breach of contract, along with various additional allegations.

According to reports, the two companies entered into a business relationship in 2015, in which the two agreed to co-brand numerous Radioshack locations. Radioshack was already experiencing financial difficulties at this point, and the partnership reportedly failed to produce the desired results, eventually leading Radioshack to file for bankruptcy. In the lawsuit, the company accuses Sprint of opening numerous solo locations near the co-branded stores, allegedly with the intent of driving the struggling company out of business.

Radioshack also accuses Sprint of failing to uphold certain parts of the agreement, such as withholding stock and employees from the newly branded stores. In addition, it also claims Sprint made use of trade secrets, all in an attempt to gain control over all locations. According to a spokesperson for Sprint, the company claims it is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Contract disputes are often highly debated topics, perhaps especially if one company is facing the end of the line. When a business believes that a breach of contract has occurred, it may often seek assistance in navigating such a potentially complex process. By speaking with an experienced attorney, a client in Florida could obtain help in evaluating the contract, and if a breach has occurred, assistance in pursuing restitution for damages through a claim against the party deemed culpable.

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