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Age discrimination may still be a serious employment law concern

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Employment Law Disputes |

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere consider employment to be an essential part of daily life. Should a person have trouble obtaining or retaining employment, he or she may suffer financial hardships that can be challenging to overcome. While in some cases, a person might not be qualified for a position, in others, discrimination could be a contributing factor, which is a serious issue, albeit one that might be difficult to prove.

According to reports, this year marks the 50th for the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This law was enacted to protect those over a certain age from discrimination in many workplace settings. However, a meeting among experts during this occasion suggests that age discrimination may still be a significant issue for many, despite laws in place to protect them.

It has been suggested that although these individuals may have years of knowledge and experience under their belts, certain companies may pass them by in favor of hiring a younger crowd. However, in certain settings, overlooking a person due to age is not only wrong, but illegal. Assuming that a younger worker will be faster, or even promote a more favorable image, could cause a qualified and dedicated worker to lose his or her chances at employment for unnecessary reasons.

Whenever employment law disputes arise, such as those surrounding discrimination, the subsequent process can be complex. Those who face similar circumstances may find it advisable to seek guidance in the early stages for assistance throughout this period. By speaking with an attorney, a client in Florida could obtain advice and assistance in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during subsequent legal proceedings.

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