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October 2017 Archives

Citrix systems and Egnyte embroiled in noncompete disputes

In the age of technology, the level of competition between companies in Florida and elsewhere can be fierce. Individuals who choose to work in this particular field may place a high priority on obtaining the best position available, which could lead to frequent changes in employment. While in some cases, losing an employee can simply be unfortunate, if they move to a rival company, it can lead to intense contract and noncompete disputes.

Health agency seeks restraining order amidst noncompete disputes

When an individual faces a loss of employment, he or she may choose to pursue future work in a similar field. However, if a contract is in place to prevent one from pursuing work with a rival, previous employers in Florida and elsewhere may wish to block such a move to protect their business interests, which can lead to complex noncompete disputes. A behavioral health agency in another state is reportedly seeking a restraining order against a former employee, claiming that her new position is in violation of her noncompete agreement.

Noncompete disputes: Aon files lawsuit against former employee

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere have reached a point in their careers where they feel a change in employment is necessary. While in many cases this change might be uneventful, should the new employer operate in a similar field, the former may wish to pursue legal recourse if a noncompete agreement is in place. Since noncompete disputes can be hotly-contested topics, those who face similar circumstances might find it beneficial to seek guidance early on.

Investigation launched following allegations of discrimination

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere place a high priority on furthering their career. While there may be numerous reasons that a person might miss out on an opportunity for advancement, in some cases, the decision could be influenced by discrimination. Individuals who are overlooked for promotions based on discrimination of any type may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney for advice on available options for legal recourse.

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