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December 2017 Archives

A written agreement could reduce the odds of partnership disputes

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere have entered into a business arrangement with another party, with hopes of achieving new levels of success. While these new ventures can seem promising at first, there may also be a certain level of risk involved, and should partnership disputes arise, the health of a business could suffer. Those who are considering entering such an arrangement may find it advisable to explore the benefits of including a written partnership contract.

Trade secret disputes: Taking measures to protect information

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere place a great deal of importance on protecting their business interests. With a high level of competition in various fields of employment, companies may wish to keep a close eye on any secrets that give them an edge. Should this information be released to the public or a competitor, the result could be disastrous. However, business owners might be able to avoid trade secret disputes by taking measures to safeguard their intellectual property.

Yahoo and Mozilla tied up in fierce contract disputes

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere have chosen to enter a business relationship with another entity at some point in operation. The contract stating the terms of these agreements can be a complex document, and should either believe the other party has violated this arrangement, contract disputes may ensue. The tech company Yahoo has recently filed a lawsuit against Mozilla, claiming that a breach of contract has occurred.

Are restrictive covenants part of your employment agreements?

Having a business can offer many opportunities that other professions may not. Of course, you certainly had to work hard in order for your company to reach the level of success that it has, and you do not want to risk allowing trade secrets or other important information to slip into the wrong hands. As a result, you may carefully assess your potential employees and want them to sign an employment agreement.

Pursuing restitution when subjected to discrimination in Florida

There are a variety of circumstances in which an individual in Florida or elsewhere may be subjected to unfair treatment at work. While there are laws in place to protect a person against discrimination, unfortunately, many continue to suffer under similar circumstances. Those who face a similar situation may wish to pursue restitution accordingly, but they might be uncertain how best to approach the situation.

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