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Lawsuit filed against CEO of zoo, alleging discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Employment Law Disputes |

Being subjected to unfair or unjust treatment in the workplace can be a stressful experience. Should any attempts to confront this treatment be met with retaliatory acts, individuals in Florida and elsewhere may seek to protect their rights through litigation. A former zoo employee in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against the CEO of the facility, accusing him of discrimination.

The woman was initially hired on at the zoo as the director of research and conservation. During her time at the zoo, she claims the CEO treated her and other females in a different manner than male employees. In the lawsuit, she asserts the man referred to females as hens, and that after she threatened to pursue legal action, she was retaliated against and eventually fired from her position.

The woman subsequently filed a lawsuit against the man, alleging that she was the victim of discrimination. According to the lawsuit, she is seeking to regain her position at the zoo, and she is also pursing financial restitution for time off work. Such matters can be highly contested topics that may be difficult to prove, and those involved may find it in their best interests to seek counsel prior to legal proceedings.

Individuals who are confronted with acts of discrimination may wish to safeguard their rights to employment, but the process can be stressful and challenging. Those facing similar circumstances could benefit from the guidance of an attorney with experience in such intricate subjects. An attorney can examine the situation thoroughly and assist a client in Florida in protecting his or her legal rights through the necessary channels.

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