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April 2018 Archives

Seeking guidance when a breach of contract occurs

Upon reaching an agreement to do business with another party, companies in Florida and elsewhere may wish to be thorough in negotiating a contract in hopes of reducing the odds of disputes. Unfortunately, preventing every potential issue can be a challenging task. Should a company feel as though a breach of contract has occurred, the owners may wish to pursue restitution, but they might be uncertain how best to handle the situation.

Lawsuit filed over breach of contract, theft of trade secrets

When two companies in Florida or anywhere else reach an agreement to do business together, each may gain access to the other's proprietary information in the process. If another party purchase one of these companies, it may gain access to this information, and should it decide to use trade secrets without consent, the other party may wish to pursue restitution. Osiris Therapeutics has recently filed a lawsuit against MiMedx, accusing it of theft of trade secrets and breach of contract.

Disability discrimination lawsuit results in $50,000 settlement

Applying for a new job can be stressful enough on its own, but being denied a position for unlawful or unjust reasons is something no one should ever experience. Unfortunately, disability discrimination is far to common and many individuals in Florida have missed out on opportunities under similar circumstances. A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a logistics company after he was denied a follow-up interview for unjust reasons.

Noncompete disputes: Spirit AeroSystems sued by former CEO

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere require employees to sign agreements that may prevent them from leaving to work for a competitor for a set period of time. However, these agreements might not be restricted to changes in employment alone, and those who retire from a business may become involved in noncompete disputes should they attempt to act as a consultant for another company. A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer after it allegedly began withholding his retirement benefits.

You may have heard of business torts, but what are they?

As you run your business, there could come a time when you discover that someone else's actions, intentional or otherwise, cause your company to lose money. If those actions fall under the umbrella of "business torts," you may seek monetary and non-monetary damages in a Florida civil court. Sometimes, the actions taken fall under criminal law as well, but in the majority of the cases, they remain the purview of the civil courts.

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