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Noncompete agreement: Walmart files lawsuit against former worker

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Trade Secret And Non-Compete Disputes |

For many individuals in Florida and elsewhere, there may come a point in life where a change of employment may be necessary. However, as the levels of competition in certain fields are continually on the rise, the process of leaving a company to work for a competitor might lead to conflict and disputes. Walmart is reportedly seeking to block a former tax executive from leaving to work for Amazon, claiming that the decision is in violation of her noncompete agreement.

According to reports, the former tax executive informed Walmart that she was considering resigning from her position at the company. However, the company asserts that she failed to inform it of her intent to take a job with the rival company Amazon. The company claims that during her tenure, she was given access to sensitive information and company strategies.

Walmart asserts that the move would give Amazon access to proprietary information that would in turn give it an edge over the competition. The company also claims that the move would give Amazon a closer look into potential mergers Walmart could be considering. The company has filed a lawsuit and is reportedly seeking to prohibit her from obtaining the position in accordance with her noncompete agreement.

Individuals and companies that encounter disputes in relation to a noncompete agreement may lack the necessary legal experience to know how to handle the situation. When disputes of this nature arise, a person could consult with an attorney with experience in such matters for some much-needed guidance. An attorney in Florida can examine the contract and assist a client in pursuing a favorable resolution through the necessary outlets.