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Raytheon accuses former employee of theft of trade secrets

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Trade Secret And Non-Compete Disputes |

Upon choosing to turn in a letter of resignation, companies in Florida and elsewhere may expect an employee to turn over any sensitive materials before accepting a position with a competitor. Should a person retain possession of proprietary information, a company may choose to take steps to protect its business interests. Raytheon has filed a lawsuit against a former employee, accusing the man of theft of trade secrets.

According to reports, the man previously held a position at Raytheon and was given access to sensitive information on company projects. Upon deciding to resign from his position in 2009, the company claims the man signed a contract stating that he would turn over any company materials in his possession. However, while bidding on a project several years later, Raytheon asserts that it found out the man had retained possession of sensitive information.

Raytheon claims that the man had accepted a position with the rival company Lockheed Martin. While taking part in the bidding process, another Lockheed employee informed management that he found the man looking over a proprietary document belonging to Raytheon. Raytheon asserts that Lockheed contacted the company to inform them of the incident, and an investigation was initiated.

Many companies place a high priority on protecting sensitive information, and should a theft of trade secrets occur, litigation may ensue. Since similar matters can be complex, a person could benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney for guidance on the available options for legal recourse. An attorney in Florida can examine the circumstances a client is facing, assist in pursuing the compensation entitled through the necessary methods, and provide guidance on how to protect against a similar outcome in the future.