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2 parties engage in partnership disputes over park project

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Partnership Disputes, Shareholder And Owner Disputes |

When two or more entrepreneurs in Florida or elsewhere decide to undertake a major development project, they may choose to share responsibilities by forming a partnership. When the stakes are high, any form of tension between business partners could increase the risks of partnership disputes, and these matters can be highly contestable. Disagreements surrounding a project to build an entertainment park have caused a rift between two business partners in another state.

The dispute reportedly pertains to the development of a nearly $2 billion entertainment park. Although the two parties initially entered an arrangement to work together on the project, recent reports indicate that they have chosen to part ways. In addition to choosing to end the arrangement, both sides continue to disagree over who retains the rights to move forward with operations.

The founder of the company Blue Horseshoe Ventures reportedly claims that the other party only provided temporary assistance with the project. The company says it chose to continue the project without him after the two sides failed to reach an acceptable arrangement. However, the man claims that he retains the rights to the project and states that the company’s founder is no longer involved.

Partnership disputes can be intense matters, especially when both sides have a lot on the line. Business owners who encounter such hardships may wish to protect their business interests and legal rights, and they could benefit from consulting with an attorney for advice on how to achieve this goal. An attorney in Florida can examine the client’s situation thoroughly and assist him or her in pursuing an acceptable resolution through the necessary methods.