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Dick’s Sporting Goods accused of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

Over time, business owners in Florida and elsewhere may deem it necessary to make adjustments to product availability and company inventory. This process might not always be so simple, as a company might have an obligation to uphold the terms of existing deals with product vendors. Battle Born Munitions has recently filed a lawsuit against Dick’s Sporting Goods, accusing the company of breach of contract and fraud.

The munitions company initially entered an agreement to provide the sporting goods store with a variety of types and amounts of store-branded ammunition. However, after signing an agreement, Battle Born asserts that the other party decided to halt the sale of certain products, and thus informed the company that it would not accept upcoming deliveries. The company claims it was forced to keep these products in a warehouse due to the store-specific branding.

Battle Born has accused the sporting goods store of failing to uphold the terms of their agreement. The company also claims that the resulting financial loss disrupted another deal that ultimately cost Battle Born to lose just over $5 million. In addition to breach of contract, the company has also accused Dick’s Sporting Goods of misrepresentation and fraud.

Entering an agreement to receive or provide products and services can be a delicate process and any changes to the original arrangement could bring about intense disputes. Business owners who feel a breach of contract has occurred may wish to protect their financial interests, and they could choose to speak with an attorney for guidance on how to achieve this goal. An attorney can examine the situation thoroughly and assist a client in Florida in protecting his or her legal rights and pursuing restitution through the necessary outlets.