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Lehman’s files breach of contract lawsuit over project delays

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

When two or more parties in Florida or elsewhere attempt to reach an agreement on a remodeling project, they may wish to discuss deadlines for its projected completion date. However, should unexpected factors cause delays, additional work may be necessary, and a company will likely expect to receive payment for all work performed. An air conditioner contractor has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a county in another state after claiming it is owed more than $450,000.

According to reports, the incident stems from an arrangement in which the county hired Lehman’s to install new air conditioning and heating units in a local courthouse. However, the company asserts that the completion time of the project was delayed by several months after officials discovered the presence of asbestos within the building. Lehman’s claims that the county agreed to pay for any additional costs associated with the delay but states that it has failed to uphold the terms of the arrangement.

In addition to the alleged breach of contract, Lehman’s also claims that several of its workers were unknowingly subjected to the presence of asbestos. However, the county asserts that another party is responsible for the payments. While Lehman’s says it was told to pursue payment through Pyramid Architecture, the company claims that it never had a contract with Pyramid.

Claims of breach of contract can be complex matters that could prove highly contestable. Those who feel that a breach has occurred may wish to protect the financial interests of their companies, and they could choose to consult with an experienced attorney for advice on how best to achieve this goal. An attorney can thoroughly examine the contract and assist a client in Florida in pursuing the restitution entitled through the necessary outlets.