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November 2018 Archives

Is a business competitor participating in unfair competition?

Working as a Florida business owner means that you have to attend to a great number of responsibilities. You also have to do your best to find ways to get your business ahead in a competitive industry. This task is no easy feat, and in some cases, you may face unscrupulous behaviors from competitors that make it even more difficult.

8 accuse Saks Fifth Avenue of race, age discrimination

There are many individuals in Florida and elsewhere who are constantly seeking out ways to advance their career opportunities. Some employees may face a variety of challenges throughout the process, and unfortunately, some of these challenges may appear unlawful and unjust. As many as eight individuals have recently filed a lawsuit against luxury department chain Saks Fifth Avenue, accusing the company of discrimination.

Software company files breach of contract lawsuit against county

With the ever-advancing nature of technology, companies in Florida and elsewhere may experience the need to upgrade their operating systems from time to time. When a company chooses to enlist the services of another party to assist with upgrades, any disagreements concerning payments for services rendered could leave all parties involved engaged in contract disputes. A software company has recently filed a lawsuit, accusing a county in another state of breach of contract.

Pabst Brewing Company and MillerCoors engage in contract disputes

Some businesses in Florida and across the nation may rely on other companies to manufacture their products. This arrangement could play a significant role in a company's success, and should the other party choose to end the arrangement and stop providing similar services, intense contract disputes may ensue. Pabst Brewing Company has filed a lawsuit accusing MillerCoors of attempting to put the company out of business under similar circumstances.

Former head basketball coach accuses school of breach of contract

Upon being fired from their jobs, many individuals in Florida and elsewhere may be left in search of answers for the unexpected termination. Should one feel as though the act was unwarranted, a person may wish to know more about the available options to protect his or her legal rights. After losing his position as head basketball coach, a man in another state has accused the school of breach of contract.

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