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December 2018 Archives

2 accuse emergency services department of discrimination

There are a multitude of scenarios in which companies in Florida and elsewhere may choose to fire an employee, and losing a job can be a devastating experience. While in many situations, a company might be able to justify its decision to terminate an employee's position, sometimes workers may feel as though the act came as the result of retaliation or discrimination. Two women have recently filed a lawsuit that accuses their former employer of gender discrimination and unlawful termination.

Has a past employer accused you of breaching a noncompete?

Whatever the reason for leaving your job, you ideally had a new job waiting for you or you made finding work your top priority. If you left your former job on good terms, you may have used your employer for a reference and even detailed on your resume the skills and strategies you learned at your previous job. In fact, those newly learned skills and strategies may have been the advantage that won the new position for you.

Spectrum Dynamics files theft of trade secrets lawsuit

Medical companies in Florida and across the nation are constantly attempting to make advancements in patient care by developing cutting-edge products. Should a company feel that another party is seeking to gain an unfair advantage by stealing sensitive product information, it may wish to protect its interests by any means necessary. Spectrum Dynamics has recently filed a lawsuit against GE Healthcare, accusing the company of theft of trade secrets.

Franchisees file breach of contract suit against Jack in the Box

Periods of financial unrest and differences of opinion over long-term goals can place a significant amount of stress on company owners and franchise groups in Florida and elsewhere. Similar concerns can lead to complex disputes that could leave all parties involved preparing to protect their interests through litigation. A franchise group has recently filed a lawsuit against fast food chain Jack in the Box, accusing the company of breach of contract.

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