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2 accuse emergency services department of discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Employment Law Disputes |

There are a multitude of scenarios in which companies in Florida and elsewhere may choose to fire an employee, and losing a job can be a devastating experience. While in many situations, a company might be able to justify its decision to terminate an employee’s position, sometimes workers may feel as though the act came as the result of retaliation or discrimination. Two women have recently filed a lawsuit that accuses their former employer of gender discrimination and unlawful termination.

According to reports, both women previously held positions within an emergency services department in another state. While working in this field, they claim they were constantly subjected to unfair treatment based on their gender. Both woman reportedly assert that male employees in the department earn higher wages on average and are given more vacation days that their female counterparts.

The women claim that after raising concerns over the alleged discrepancies, the company took retaliatory actions against them, which they assert ultimately led to the termination of their positions. However, officials within the company assert that the decision to fire the two was based on the results of an investigation into workplace conduct. Officials assert that the investigation revealed that both employees were culpable of unauthorized use of company computers.

Disputes concerning unfair treatment and discrimination in the workplace can be highly debatable. Those who encounter similar concerns may wish to take steps to protect their legal rights, and they could benefit from consulting with an attorney early in the process for guidance. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances a client in Florida is facing and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable through the necessary methods.