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Former employee accuses University of Oklahoma of discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Employment Law Disputes |

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere consider it vital to provide employees with a way to report unjust behavior. However, filing a complaint can still be an intimidating process, and should one feel that the incident prompts acts of retaliation, he or she might be uncertain how best to handle the situation. A former employee of the University of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against the school’s board of regents accusing it of discrimination.

The incident reportedly began while the woman was working within the university’s school of medicine. Over her nearly 15 years of employment at the university, she claims she was subjected to numerous forms of discrimination and asserts that she was constantly forced to operate in a hostile work environment. She says that this treatment caused her to develop mental health issues and states that after filing an official complaint, she was subjected to acts of retaliation.

The woman asserts that upon filing a report notifying the university of her medical issues, the board of regents responded by increasing her workload while denying requests for assistance or overtime. She also claims that members of management suddenly became critical of her work and eventually took disciplinary measures against her. She says she felt forced into turning in her resignation and she has since filed a lawsuit against the facility accusing it of discrimination and retaliation.

Being subjected to discrimination can be a harrowing experience. Those who feel their legal rights have been violated may wish to know more about their available legal avenues, and they could choose to retain the services of an experienced attorney for advice. An attorney can examine the circumstances a client in Florida is facing and assist him or her in pursuing the restitution deserved through every applicable outlet.