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Breach of contract lawsuit stems from early termination of deal

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Upon entering a business arrangement with another party, companies in Florida and elsewhere may also wish to include terms defining the conditions in which the agreement may be terminated before the agreed-upon date in the contract. However, should a company feel that the other party ended the arrangement unlawfully, it may wish to pursue restitution through litigation. The American Bottling Company recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against BodyArmor Sports Nutrition after a 10-year deal was ended after only four years.

According to reports, ABC and BodyArmor entered into a 10-year business arrangement in 2015. However, ABC claims that the other company recently decided to end the arrangement after ABC’s holding company entered a merger with another entity. ABC asserts that it played a significant role in bringing success to the BodyArmor brand, and the company claims that the unlawful end of the agreement could bring about substantial financial loss.

ABC also asserts that the other company chose to end the arrangement before the agreed-upon date so that it could make substantial profit by selling a portion of its interests to Coca-Cola. However, representatives from BodyArmor have denied any wrongdoing. BA reportedly claims that there were clear terms in the contract stating that it would hold the right to terminate the agreement should any changes in company control occur.

Claims of breach of contract that stem from the sudden end of a business arrangement can lead to hotly-contested disputes. Those who experience similar forms of conflict may wish to know more about their available legal options to protect their business interests, and they could choose to seek guidance on these options from an experienced attorney. An attorney in Florida can examine the client’s situation and assist him or her in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable through the necessary outlets.