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Bayer engages in trade secret disputes with former employee

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Trade Secret And Non-Compete Disputes |

Bayer CropScience has recently filed a lawsuit accusing a former employee of sharing proprietary company information with his new employer. Similar scenarios could leave companies in Florida and elsewhere involved in intense trade secret disputes. Those who face such disputes may wish to take steps to protect their business interests, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance on how best to achieve this goal.

Bayer asserts that while working as a scientist at the company, the former employee had access to sensitive information regarding commercial biopesticide products. The company states that it filed a patent application for these products in 2018. Sometime thereafter, Bayer says it was forced to terminate this man’s employment and states that it learned later on that he had shared sensitive company information with his new employer Tenfold Technologies.

Bayer claims that the man stole specific product formulas upon being fired and subsequently shared the information with Tenfold. The company also asserts that Tenfold used this information to file patents for similar products. Bayer is reportedly seeking to protect sensitive company information and recover an unspecified amount in financial restitution through a lawsuit against both the former employee and Tenfold Technologies.

Trade secret disputes can be highly-complex matters and the outcome of these disputes could have a substantial impact on a company’s future. Those who become involved in similar matters could benefit from seeking guidance on all their available options by obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible. This type of advice could help a person in Florida better prepare to protect his or her legal rights and pursue the full amount of compensation entitled.