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Fox and Netflix engage in contract disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere may consider it vital to seek out ways to advance their career opportunities. In some cases, a person might be offered a position with another company to work within a similar field. However, should one’s previous employer feel that the acceptance of a new position is in violation of a previous contract, litigation may ensue. According to reports, Fox and Netflix have recently become engaged in contract disputes under similar circumstances.

The dispute reportedly stems from an incident in which Netflix hired two former executives who previously worked for Fox. According to reports, Fox claims that both its former employees violated their employment contracts upon accepting a position within a rival company. Fox has also accused Netflix of taking measures to entice certain high-level executives to break their contracts and join the company.

However, Netflix has accused Fox of trying to keep its workers from seeking opportunities for advancement unlawfully. The company reportedly asserts that the terms within the contracts of Fox employees are filled with unreasonable and unlawful provisions. Netflix also asserts that Fox has been unable to prove that the departure of the two high-level executives resulted in any form of monetary harm or loss.

When each party has a great deal at stake, contract disputes can be highly-debatable and complex matters. Those who encounter similar forms of dispute may wish to better understand all their available legal avenues early on, and they could benefit from seeking guidance on their options from an experienced attorney. An attorney in Florida can examine the situation and provide a client with assistance in developing a strategy to protect his or her interests through the proper channels.