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Construction company files breach of contract claim

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Once a company in Florida or elsewhere enters a contract to perform a major construction project, it may choose to devote all of its efforts into ensuring the project goes as planned. Should the other party choose to allocate a portion of the contracted work to another entity, the resulting loss of work could place the initial company under substantial financial strain. A construction company in another state has recently filed a lawsuit accusing a city of breach of contract under similar circumstances.

According to reports, the incident began when the city hired P and D Construction to perform a variety of demolition projects over a period of one year. The lawsuit states that the contract gave the company the right to perform all demolition services throughout the duration of the agreement. However, the company claims that the city proceeded to allocate certain demolition projects to another party.

The company asserts that the city hired the other company without checking to see if it was willing and able to take on these projects. P and D also asserts that the other company was allowed to perform the majority of the city’s demolition services at higher prices. The company has filed a lawsuit accusing the city of breach of contract and is seeking an unspecified amount in restitution.

The outcome of breach of contract disputes could have significant financial ramifications for all parties involved. When facing a similar scenario, a person in Florida could choose to gain insight on all the available options and what to expect from the process by consulting with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can work toward protecting a client’s legal rights and assist him or her in pursuing the full amount of restitution entitled through the necessary outlets.