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The various types of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Employment Law Disputes |

There are laws in place that provide individuals in Florida and elsewhere with protection against certain forms of unjust treatment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this might not always stop discrimination from occurring and those who are subjected to such treatment can suffer in a variety of ways. By seeking advice on the various forms of discrimination and the available options for restitution, those who experience a similar scenario could gain a better understanding of how to approach the situation.

Workplace discrimination can come in a variety of forms, each of which could have a substantial impact on one’s career. One of the most common types of unjust treatment pertains to gender discrimination. While companies are required to offer the same level of income and benefits to equally-qualified employees regardless of gender, such treatment remains a major concern.

Age discrimination also continues to be a pressing concern for many and those encounter such treatment could miss out on a variety of opportunities to advance their careers. There are also laws in place to protect workers against pregnancy-based and race discrimination. The Americans with Disabilities Act also protects qualified individuals from being discriminated against based on a mental or physical health condition.

Workplace discrimination continues to be concern for many individuals, employees and employers alike. Those who feel they have been subjected to or wrongfully accused of discrimination could benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney for guidance on their available options. An attorney in Florida can evaluate the circumstances a client is facing and assist in forming a strategy to protect his or her legal rights through the necessary channels.