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Restaurant owner accuses former chefs of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

When business owners in Florida or elsewhere feel that certain employees have continually failed to uphold the terms of their contracts, they may choose to take action to rectify the situation. Should these employees feel that they have been wrongfully accused of wrongdoing, they may wish to gain insight on the available options to help protect their legal rights. Two former chefs at a high-profile restaurant in another state were recently fired after the owner of the establishment accused them of breach of contract.

According to reports, the incident began after a co-founder of the restaurant Noosh filed a lawsuit accusing two chefs of breaching their contracts. The man claims that an investigation uncovered evidence suggesting the two had misappropriated company funds for personal gain. He has also accused the two of providing false information to the media about company operations.

However, the two chefs reportedly deny any wrongdoing and state that they only became aware of the allegations after showing up to work and learning their positions had been terminated. They reportedly claim that the man has issued threats about ruining their careers in the past. According to reports, both of the chefs assert that they intend to safeguard their reputations against such defamatory allegations.

Breach of contract disputes can be highly complex matters that could leave all parties involved in search of advice on how best to approach the situation. Those who encounter a similar scenario could find it helpful to retain the services of an attorney early on for guidance on their available options. An attorney can work with a client in Florida in developing a strategy to protect his or her interests and legal rights through the necessary methods.