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Apple files breach of contract claim against multiple parties

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

When companies in Florida or elsewhere hire another company to provide any type of service, they expect the other party to adhere to the terms of the business contract. Should either party feel the actions of the other company are in violation of the agreement, intense legal disputes may ensue. Apple has reportedly filed a lawsuit accusing multiple companies for breach of contract after claiming to have discovered that items intended for recycling were being sold for profit.

According to reports, Apple says it hired a company known as Allan and Associates to perform a variety of recycling-related tasks. Apple says the other company was instructed to break down used products for metals. However, Apple asserts that it recently discovered the company was allowing employees to take used products and sell them for personal gain.

Apple also asserts that it hired security company A2 Global Risk to oversee the recycling process. The company claims that A2 was supposed to send out representatives to witness the recycling of its products in person. Apple has recently filed a lawsuit against both companies, along with several other parties, accusing each of violating the terms of their contracts.

When a company feels that the actions of another party are in violation of the terms of a business contract, it may wish to take steps to safeguard its future. Those who feel that a breach of contract has occurred could benefit from consulting with an attorney early on for advice on all their available options. An attorney can help a client in Florida make informed decisions about the situation and assist in developing a strategy to protect his or her interests through the necessary channels.