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Restaurant closes amid noncompete agreement disputes

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Trade Secret And Non-Compete Disputes |

A business contract between two or more parties in Florida and across the nation could include terms that cover a multitude of factors and scenarios. Due to the complex nature of similar types of arrangements, any disputes that stem from such contracts can be highly debatable matters. A restaurant owner in another state says she was recently forced to close down her business after being accused of violating a noncompete agreement.

The woman says she had recently taken over operations of a restaurant formerly known as Amighetti’s and had changed the name to Colino’s Cafe and Bakery. According to reports, the person who owns the rights to Amighetti’s recipes and brand recently filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, accusing the owner of being in violation of a noncompete agreement. The man asserts that the woman and her husband had both worked for Amighetti’s, and states that some of the changes that were made did not align with Amighetti’s brand.

The other party also claims that the terms of the noncompete agreement prohibit the others from purchasing and running a restaurant within a certain distance for the next two years. However, the woman asserts that the noncompete agreement only applies to her husband and says she has no prior arrangement in place. She also asserts that her husband sold the restaurant to her before any changes were made.

With a variety of factors to address, disputes stemming from a noncompete agreement can be highly complex. When facing a similar scenario, those who wish to better understand all their available options and legal rights could choose to consult with an experienced attorney for assistance. This type of guidance could help a person in Florida better prepare to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable through the proper channels.