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February 2020 Archives

Contract disputes stem from end of exclusive business arrangement

There may be a multitude of companies in Florida and elsewhere who have entered into an agreement to be the exclusive provider of another entity's products and services. While such an arrangement may have the potential to prove fruitful for both parties, it could also run the risk of leading to intense levels of conflict should the exclusive part of the deal suddenly cease to exist. A building supplies company in another state has engaged in contract disputes with a supplier after claiming the company violated the terms of an exclusive distributing agreement.

Do you have reason to challenge a non-compete agreement?

When you first started your job, you may have not thought twice about signing a non-compete agreement. You may have thought that you would stay at the same company for the duration of your career, or you may not have even fully understood what you signed. Nonetheless, signing that contract may be coming back to haunt you.

Legacy Fighting Alliance files breach of contract lawsuit

The sudden termination of a business arrangement can have a substantial impact on each of the parties involved. Companies in Florida that experience a similar scenario could suffer a variety of potential consequences, such as damages to reputation and loss of financial opportunities. Legacy Fighting Alliance has filed a lawsuit against Anthem Sports and AXS TV after claiming a breach of contract cost the company to suffer significant financial loss.

Hershey accuses former executive of theft of trade secrets

Many companies in Florida and elsewhere may require new employees to sign a variety of agreements upon offering them a position of employment. These agreements may provide certain protections to both the employer and employee alike and there can be consequences to failing to uphold the terms of such arrangements. The Hershey Company has recently filed a lawsuit against a former executive accusing him of theft of trade secrets and violating the terms of his contract.

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