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Wrestling stars sue former business partner

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Partnership Disputes |

According to a civil complaint filed in Florida, two wrestling stars have filed a lawsuit against their former business partner for allegedly breaching a business contract. The complaint was filed in Orange County by EC3 and Braun Strowman, alleging breach of contract, theft and fraud against their former business partner.

Allegations in the complaint

Strowman and EC3 allege that EC3 started a business with the former business partner and a friend in 2018. The company was called Magic City Prints and made printed apparel. EC3 reportedly invested a substantial sum in the business and purchased the printer. He claims that the trio had an oral contract about profit-sharing. Strowman was subsequently introduced to the business by EC3. He was interested in using it to market his Meat Castle line, and he invested money in the company in return for receiving a share of the profits. Later, the four men formed a company called K-5 Entertainment. Strowman and EC3 allege that they each made substantial investments into the business, but the business partner took software, hardware, and digital content without their permission and refused to return any of the materials.

Statement by the business partner

In response to the complaint, the business partner filed a motion to dismiss and started a GoFundMe page to raise money for his legal fees. In a lengthy statement on his GoFundMe page, the business partner provided details about his side of what happened. He claims that there was significant conflict between the men, and he was told to leave the businesses in March 2020. He said that he was provided no compensation despite having invested substantial time and effort into the companies. He also claims that the locks were changed on the businesses, and his name remains on the leases.

People who plan to go into business together might want to memorialize their agreements and the responsibilities of each contracting party in written contracts. This might help to solve problems if they arise. When a contract breach occurs, a contracting party may want to consult with an experienced business and contract lawyer for help with protecting his or her rights.