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You may have heard of business torts, but what are they?

As you run your business, there could come a time when you discover that someone else's actions, intentional or otherwise, cause your company to lose money. If those actions fall under the umbrella of "business torts," you may seek monetary and non-monetary damages in a Florida civil court. Sometimes, the actions taken fall under criminal law as well, but in the majority of the cases, they remain the purview of the civil courts.

Do you have a case for defamation?

The Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech. However, that right only exists until it violates the rights of someone else. For instance, if someone makes statements that tarnish another person's reputation, it could be cause for civil litigation.

Are restrictive covenants part of your employment agreements?

Having a business can offer many opportunities that other professions may not. Of course, you certainly had to work hard in order for your company to reach the level of success that it has, and you do not want to risk allowing trade secrets or other important information to slip into the wrong hands. As a result, you may carefully assess your potential employees and want them to sign an employment agreement.

Is your employer being unreasonable about accommodations?

It has been a long, slow victory for people who suffer handicaps, having to fight year after year for the smallest gain. Even finding a parking place to accommodate your van or wheelchair can be difficult, despite laws providing reserved spaces for those who need them. These simple accommodations may allow you to participate in activities others take for granted, yet some people still resent them and feel that somehow you have special privileges by taking a prime parking space.

The secret to protecting your trade secrets

In business, it is sometimes important to keep certain information private. Companies have trade secrets, and they go to every extent possible to ensure that the proprietary information that differentiates their company remains safe and secure. You may not own and operate a huge, multi-million dollar company, but you still may have the need to protect certain information.

Protecting your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Life is uncertain, and there are times that you may find you are unable to work while dealing with a medical condition or that of a loved one. Having a baby, dealing with a serious illness or taking care of a family member with a critical medical condition can all affect your ability to work for a period, but these issues should not compromise your right to retain your job.

Lawsuit alleges noncompete breach and theft of trade secrets

What was once reported as a friendly departure from a business has turned into a contentious lawsuit between the company and a former partner, according to a recent news account. The public statement that the departure was friendly does not necessarily mean that all ran smoothly within the business. Nearly two-decades ago, a man started working for a well-established jewelry store on the Eastern seaboard. He worked his way up in the business and became Chief Operating Officer in 2007. At that time, the COO was given a one-quarter partnership in the company and signed a contract that included a noncompete agreement.

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