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Strong Advocacy In Partnership Disputes

When innovative and hardworking individuals form businesses, the sky is the limit. Unfortunately, disputes between shareholders, partners or company members can cause irreparable damage to personal relationships and the business. At Tampa-based Barker | Cook, we help clients throughout Florida and beyond resolve their business disputes effectively and efficiently, while lessening the negative financial impacts to their businesses.

What Are The Financial Effects Of The Dispute You Are In?

At Barker | Cook, we believe well-informed clients make smart decisions.

Our attorneys diligently examine partnership agreements to determine our client’s ownership interest and the investments he or she has made in the partnership. Many partnerships are formed without formal partnership agreements, and determining how much interest each partner owns can be difficult.

When reconciliation is not an option, partnership disputes typically result in the termination of the partnership. It is imperative to understand the full range of financial consequences that follow.

Drawing on our wide network of financial professionals, our firm assembles a team of forensic accountants, tax experts and business valuation professionals to examine the economic consequences of the partnership dispute and the effects dissolution will have on our clients’ finances.

Once clients understand the financial implications a partnership dissolution will have, they can make smart decisions for themselves and their businesses.

Are You Involved In An Ownership Dispute?

Similar to partnership disputes, shareholder and company disputes can arise in a variety of contexts. Oftentimes, shareholders or members disagree with company leadership over the future direction of the business, how to best fulfill contractual obligations or whether to sell or transfer ownership. Disputes also arise when shareholders or members feel leadership is not managing company funds appropriately.

At Barker | Cook, we take steps to deescalate shareholder and company membership disputes and help prevent expensive and possibly permanent damage to the business.

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