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1 awarded substantial sum in discrimination lawsuit against town

There are many small communities in Florida and elsewhere that have developed long-standing business relationships with certain companies. While changes in ownership could lead a community to feel it necessary to re-evaluate previous arrangements, denying a company business for unjust reasons is never advisable. A man in another state has been awarded $260,000 in a recent discrimination lawsuit after a community stopped using the services of a towing company based on the new owner's ethnicity.

Lawsuit filed against restaurant chain accused of discrimination

Many businesses in Florida and elsewhere place a high priority on how customers view their products and services. Unfortunately in some cases, a company's desire to build a specific image could cause some to experience unfair treatment. A nationwide restaurant chain has reportedly reached a settlement in a recent discrimination lawsuit after numerous individuals claimed they were denied a chance at employment solely based on their age.

Disability discrimination lawsuit results in $50,000 settlement

Applying for a new job can be stressful enough on its own, but being denied a position for unlawful or unjust reasons is something no one should ever experience. Unfortunately, disability discrimination is far to common and many individuals in Florida have missed out on opportunities under similar circumstances. A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a logistics company after he was denied a follow-up interview for unjust reasons.

Lawsuit filed following claims of sex discrimination against 2

Being treated unfairly at work solely based on one's sex is a situation that no individual in Florida should ever have to experience. Unfortunately, similar incidents are far too common, and discrimination of this nature can be exceedingly harmful. A lawsuit has recently been filed against a city in another state after two firefighters claimed they were subjected to years of unlawful treatment based on their sex.

Woman accuses former employer of disability discrimination

No individual should have to endure being subjected to unjust treatment in the workplace due to a medical disability. Although there are laws in place that protect individuals in Florida and elsewhere against such treatment, these incidents unfortunately continue to occur. A woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer, accusing the company of disability discrimination.

Lawsuit filed against CEO of zoo, alleging discrimination

Being subjected to unfair or unjust treatment in the workplace can be a stressful experience. Should any attempts to confront this treatment be met with retaliatory acts, individuals in Florida and elsewhere may seek to protect their rights through litigation. A former zoo employee in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against the CEO of the facility, accusing him of discrimination.

Are job ads that target age groups a form of discrimination?

With the level of competition present in many fields of employment, individuals in Florida and elsewhere may face numerous challenges in pursuing the job of their dreams. One challenge that no individual should ever be forced to face is age discrimination, which is not only unjust, but also unlawful in most scenarios. However, such an act can also be difficult to detect, especially when those who miss out on job opportunities due to age aren't even aware a company is recruiting.

Pursuing restitution when subjected to discrimination in Florida

There are a variety of circumstances in which an individual in Florida or elsewhere may be subjected to unfair treatment at work. While there are laws in place to protect a person against discrimination, unfortunately, many continue to suffer under similar circumstances. Those who face a similar situation may wish to pursue restitution accordingly, but they might be uncertain how best to approach the situation.

Age discrimination could limit one's employment prospects

With an ever-increasing demand in products, and seemingly unlimited room for growth and advancement, many individuals in Florida and elsewhere may be seeking employment in the technology industry. With a multitude of fully capable individuals applying for each position, competitions can run high in a similar setting. Unfortunately, a similar business model has some employees fearing a loss of employment due to their age, and being subjected to such discrimination can be devastating.

Investigation launched following allegations of discrimination

Many individuals in Florida and elsewhere place a high priority on furthering their career. While there may be numerous reasons that a person might miss out on an opportunity for advancement, in some cases, the decision could be influenced by discrimination. Individuals who are overlooked for promotions based on discrimination of any type may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney for advice on available options for legal recourse.

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